About Dr. Love

Dr. Candace V. Love, PsyDDr. Candace V. Love’s clinical practice focuses on behavioral medicine providing psychotherapy and consultation. She uses evidence-based techniques derived from psychodynamic therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), Schema therapy, and acceptance and commitment therapies, as well as mindfulness-based stress reduction. An area of interest and study for her is narcissism, particularly how to help women stop repeating or leave unhealthy narcissistic relationships, a subject she writes about in No More Narcissists!: How to Stop Choosing Self-Absorbed Men and Find the Love You Deserve (June 2016, New Harbinger Publications). Order now.

Dr. Love received her Ph.D. in clinical psychology at the Wright Institute in Berkeley, California. She completed an American Psychological Association accredited pre-doctoral residency at Hines VA Medical Center in Hines, Illinois, and a post-doctoral fellowship at Allendale Association in Lake Villa, Illinois. Dr. Love worked as a research associate at Center for Health Improvement and Prevention Studies at the University of California San Francisco where she was involved in National Institutes of Health funded research studying improving the preventative efforts of health care professionals and health-related behaviors. Dr. Love has been an author and co-author on empirical articles in peer-reviewed medical journals.

Her primary areas of interest are health psychology – how psychosocial issues affect the maintenance and outcome of medical conditions, women’s health, perinatal and postpartum mood disorders, anxiety and panic disorder, depression, and trauma-related syndromes.

Another important area of interest and study is narcissism – particularly how to protect women from a severely destructive relationship.

The majority of her patients are referred by physicians. Dr. Love is an Illinois Blue Cross Blue Shield PPO and Medicare provider.

She is founder and president of North Shore Behavioral Medicine. She currently has offices in downtown Chicago and in Grayslake, Illinois.