Spider Web with dew droplets


I find that most of us want our life to work better. We want to have a better relationship, career, or healthier lifestyle. We work hard to make it happen.

But the truth is that no matter how well we plan our life – our expectations, goals, relationship to others – life has a way of sometimes thwarting our efforts.  I have found that individuals who go through life with rigid expectations and who cannot adapt to the inevitable changes life puts in their path fare the worse.  But those individuals who accept the uncertainty of life’s journey and adapt to its changes fare much better.

The beauty of psychotherapy is that it teaches you the skills to adapt. It does this by showing you how you can be in control of your response to life, even though you cannot control life itself. Your response is made up of your thoughts and feelings (emotions). Because they are your thoughts and feelings, you can learn skills to control them. And once you have this control, you will be able to respond to life’s changes in a more rational and effective manner.